Don't make yourself an easy target

1Strike helps small and medium companies to better secure their business and simplify cyber security management.

1Strike Solution

What makes our solution so effective in breaking the cyberattacks

You will be able to analyze the security of your business through continuous and automated simulations of key cyber attacks

You will be able to understand your gaps and weak points, and remediate them in the most effective way before real hackers attack you

You will stay on top of the latest cyber threats by constantly updated attack techniques

You will get regular reports confirming your state of protection - gain credibility from your customers and business partners

No security teams, budget and cyber skills?

NO PROBLEM - you can now deal with cyber risk effectively

Protect your business against hackers with 1Strike platform, before they attack you

No security teams and cyber skills

Simulate phishing, ransomware and other attacks on your organisation on your own in a secure manner

Save costs

The platform is automated and alerts you when needed. No additional staff or extensive oversight needed. Test and re-test anytime - no additional costs

No waiting for results, no complexity, no upsales

You get instant results whether you are at risk or not, along with a simple & prioritized list of the most effective steps to break the attack

Stay on top of the emerging threats

The simulated techniques are constantly updated so you understand your current risk position

4 simple steps to enhance your security


We know how attackers work. We help to secure attack surface.

Purple Teaming

1Strike SaaS platform enables small and medium organisations to boost their cybersecurity through a smart and simple approach to cybersecurity. 1Strike Attack Simulation & Defense Platform is an innovative IT security platform that leverages emerging offensive security and technology trends: Purple Teaming, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Breach & Attack solution concept. The solution leverages its AI engine, cyber intelligence, and company risk profile to simulate the most probable cyber threat actor behaviors in a continuous manner automating the prevention and detection of cyber security control enhancements.

External surface management

  • Find out what are your weak spots exposed for cybercriminals in your external infrastructure
  • Reduce cyber risk by finding out and closing shadow IT gaps
  • Monitor the external exposure constantly

Endpoint malware testing

  • Reduce cyber risk closing gaps in your endpoints which can be leveraged by phishing or ransomware attacks.
  • Find out what are your weak spots exposed for cybercriminals in your endpoint and network.
  • Monitor changes of exposure constantly

Email gateway testing

  • Protect against phishing, malware and ransomware emails going through your email gateway.
  • Reduce cyber risk by optimizing your email gateway. Fewer malicious emails in your mail box – less risk of infection.
  • Find out what are your weak spots exposed for cybercriminals in your gateway.
  • You can monitor changes of your exposure constantly.

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