Why GDPR is a first step in the cybersecurity journey?

Almost all businesses have online presence today, it doesn’t matter if you are from e-commerce, gaming, production, logistics, real estates, medical, retail, technology, consulting… Once you and your data are online, a cyberattack can happen and the first step to make it possible for any hacker, is to get to your data. 


This is why regulators introduced GDPR as a compulsory element of any business activity. The regulation says that you “shall implement […] technical and organizational measures to ensure an (appropriate) level of security”. This includes protecting your data from potential cyber attacks. If you will not prove you are doing it, you might suffer severe financial fines. 


Here is where 1strike solution is solving both of the problems – first, to show to the regulator that you are exercising due diligence to protect your data. Additionally, you are really protecting your assets without having to think about it (we inform you only when it’s action needed). You can keep focus on your core business.

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